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How to download

After purchasing you will recieve an email with a pdf version of the calendar. Within the first page on the pdf there is a clickable link. Click the link, It will direct you to the editable version of the template.

You must have a canva account in order to access it. 



In a world full of content creators we still have to balance home life and work life. Being a mom of 2 boys and a wife, I had to figure out a way to be who I needed to be for my family while also being a full time content creator. 


I wanted to share my way of staying organized with my planning which has helped me be more consistent with posting on my many social media accounts. 


No more last minute scrammbling saddie gang. I truly hope this helps.


What is included in this Canva Editable Template:

Pre sized neon highlighter markers

Color customizable Monthly Content Calendars for the remainder of 2023

Date and color customizable Weekly Content Planner

Date and color customizable Weekly Content Schedule


How to Use

  • Monthly Content Calendar: The monthly content planner is a great way to keep up with your creations for weeks out. Pre plan your ideas so that you aren't scrambling to decide on what to post.
  • Weekly Content Planner: The weekly content planner should be used to fully map out each of your social media post for 7 days at a time. It is a great tool to pre plan your stories, reels, pictures and captions.
  • Weekly Content Schedule: The weekly content schedule is great to use for scheduling out your days and staying ahead. It acts as a to do list for content creation. Each day should be used to help you stay on track with posting consistently. FYI: Always pre record on your selected content shooting days so that it will help you stay consistent for the week. Example: I personally love to batch create on Sunday's. I pre record and edit all my needed content for the week on Sunday's.


Editable Content Calendar 2023

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